EVERY year the whale migration brings hundreds of whales through the waters of Phillip Island and Wilsons Promontory.

Wildlife Coast Cruises gives you the opportunity to get closer to these whales out on the water.

It’s been a strong start to the season so far with active whale behaviour, pods “mugging” the boat, tail slapping, plenty of blows and the occasional breach but there’s also those whales that just want to keep their head down and continue travelling on their migration.

Whales frequenting the area are mainly Humpback whales with a smaller amount of endangered Southern Right whales and even pods of Killer whales from time to time.

To find these whales, around Phillip Island in particular, Wildlife Coast Cruises relies on the help of the community via the Wildlife Whales App, Facebook and general contacts to help assist the captain and crew onboard in finding whales and this works as a two-way street with the app sending out live notifications about local whale sightings.

As well as watching whales, Wildlife Coast Cruises works to provide information that helps gain a better insight into the whale migration and whale behaviour, documenting information about all their sightings and crew taking fluke (whale tail) photos onboard.

These unique tail shapes act like fingerprints and are used for identifying whales.

This information is then used working with research institutes such as Two Bays Whale Project and Deakin university.

So, for a memorable whale experience at Phillip Island or further down the coast at Wilsons Promontory take a look online at Wildlife Coast Cruises to a range of cruises, remembering to book ahead as spots are limited.