Lisa Wangman with a passionate volunteer.

BASS Coast Landcare Network has held its first Women on Farms discussion group workshop, offering women an opportunity to learn and improve their skills.

Through the series, Bass Coast Landcare Network aims to create a safe space for local farming women to connect, network and share knowledge about sustainable farming decisions and business practices.

The first session, held Monday, July 26, was built around teaching pasture management, specifically preventing and repairing pugging damage in pastures.

Bass Coast Landcare Network education and training and communications manager, Lisa Wangman, said the series aims to connect women.

“You can be connected with your neighbour and immediate community, but most women would never get connected with people on the other side of the Bass Coast,” Ms Wangman said.

“It’s all about holding a space to get women in farming together to start talking about problems and sharing experiences and learning from each other’s experience, rather than just what can be found online or what farming advisors can tell you.”

The first session this past Monday pivoted to an online format, consisting of a meet and greet, question time and a presentation by guest speaker John Bowman, livestock extension officer with Agriculture Victoria.

“Women can get some real-world experience with people in the same type of catchment, the same type of country, with the same type of land management problems so that they can ask each other questions about how they’ve dealt with specific problems,” Ms Wangman said.

The Bass Coast Women on Farms series received funding from Southern Farming Systems via the federal government National Landcare Program and the Bass Coast Community Foundation.

Moving forward, the Women on Farms series will likely be held seasonally and be
tailored to specific seasonal issues.

“The whole point of it is to kind of co-design the program with these ladies so that we’re bringing them what they want. We’ll likely ask them what frequency they would like to have the events and I think we’re going to go seasonal, so one each season,” Ms Wangman said.

Women are encouraged to complete expression of interest forms and share preferences on topics and guest speakers, so sessions are relevant.

Interested farming women across Bass Coast can find information about the new series and register to attend the next session at