YOU’VE got to look for positives in a middle of a lockdown and you don’t have to go past the communities of Mirboo North and Phillip Island for inspiration.

The way the Phillip Island community has responded to the COVID crisis in their midst has been magnificent, and if we’re lucky, the next few days will unfold and there will not be a single case of community transmission as a result of a visitor to the island turning out to be COVID-19 positive.

And as much as the Phillip Island locals have responded in big numbers to get tested and isolated if they attended a Tier 1 site, it must be said that the visitors appeared to have done all the right things too.

CCTV footage of them visiting various tourist attractions in the area, as well as food outlets, show them wearing masks, checking in almost without fail and keeping their distance.
The fact that many Islanders were also wearing masks must also have helped.

We’re not out of the woods yet until the last of the Day 13 tests are returned, especially if sewerage samples indicate there may have been positive cases in the community.

And Mirboo North. When they promised to raise $1 million towards their $5.7 million pool project, some people said “oh, yeah, sure”. But, as testament to the spirit of this little community – they’ve done it and then some.

It restores your faith in the human spirit and provides hope that we will indeed beat this thing – if we all get vaccinated, AZ or Pfizer, it doesn’t matter at this stage.