THE weather didn’t co-operate with Phillip Island’s magnificent response to the COVID-19 scare of last week.

Especially between 9.30am through to 1.30pm today, when most of the day’s 20mm of rain fell and the wind gusted between 60km/h (measured at Rhyll), and the 110km/h (measured at Wilsons Prom).

Temperatures plummeted as the front blew over, it was altogether a nasty day and evening to be out – better locked down at home!

As a result, the numbers who turned out to get tested were much, much lower than previous days.

And the wind played havoc with the marquees covering the drive-through centres at Cowes and San Remo with the result that they had to be closed down mid-afternoon, for safety’s sake, not to mention purely functional reasons.

The numbers who got tested today were as follows:

* Wonthaggi = 97

* Cowes = 142 (using rapid testing)

* San Remo = 48

* Walk-ins = na

Daily total: 289

Previously the daily totals had been between 900 and 1300.

Bass Coast CEO Jan Child said this evening that the marquees covering the Cowes, San Remo and Wonthaggi testing centres would be bolstered ready for the next couple of days. Testing will be available from 7am until 5pm Wednesday, then if the numbers needing to get tested continues to slow, opening hours will revert back to 9am-5pm for the next few days.

“The walk-in at Cowes was also hampered by rain,” Ms Child said.

“We’ve had support from so many people which has been inspiring and with a new plan in place for tomorrow, including moving the walk-in from the Anglican Church to the Phillip island Leisure Centre, at 10-14 Church Street, Cowes, it should work really well regardless of the weather.

“So, we’re set up to open there at 10am tomorrow through to 6pm and then 8am-6pm every day until Monday when we will review the situation.

“This gives us good capacity for the next few days, until we have hopefully mitigated the local risk.

“A huge thanks to Reverend Jo White at the Anglican Church for helping us facilitate so many walk-in tests at our most tricky time.”

So, the message is, get out and get tested tomorrow whether it’s the drive throughs at Cowes, San Remo or Wonthaggi or the walk-in at the Phillip Island Leisure Centre.

The sooner we’re all tested, the sooner we can get back to COVID-normal.