What is the single thing we can do to improve our society? It’s to introduce a Universal Income.

We need to start with the understanding the value of the Earth.

The answer is priceless.

There needs to be a change in thinking of what’s in it for me to what can I do to protect the Earth.

There needs to be a complete redistribution of wealth.

We need to introduce a negative income tax. When somebody earns less than the minimum wage they should get a tax refund to bring their earnings up to the minimum wage and those of us over the minimum wage pay tax.

It’s all about fairness.

There more you earn, the more tax you pay.

The more assets you own, the more tax you pay.

The [original] JobKeeper allowance of $750 per week is about right as the current minimum wage is $772.60 per week.

Pension rates need to be lifted up to the minimum wage.

Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Sally Capp has called on the federal government to bring back JobKeeper as Victoria enters our second week of lockdown.

“JobKeeper was the most fundamental program that brought a lot of comfort and confidence to business owners and their teams.”

I think we should go further and introduce a Universal Wage.

How do we pay for a Universal Wage?

We introduce a fairer tax system and stamp out tax avoidance.

Frank W Schooneveldt, Wonthaggi.