Kick off your weekend at the Archies Creek Hotel with the “Queen of Archies Creek”, Tracey Miller and her Airmail Specials, this Friday, July 16.


ANYONE aged between 70 and twenty-something could sing you a few lines of ‘Accidently Kelly Street’.

And such is the easy flow of the pop hit by Australian group Frente! from the 1990s that they’d get the tune pretty right as well.

It’s just one of those happy songs that sticks…

Accidently Kelly Street, where friends and strangers sometimes meet, Accidently Kelly Street, I never thought life could be so sweet.

On Saturday, July 31 you’ll be able to hear that time-honoured favourite performed by the original vocalist herself, Angie Hart with Emma Heeney, at the Archies Creek Hotel, dinner and show $49 (please book) or general admission $25 (tickets at the door).

According to the PR from the team at Caravan Music and the Archies Creek Hotel Angie Hart is a national treasure and who could argue with that.

“She came to fame to early. She was a teenager when Frente! became successful and she rode quite a wave. She went to America and sang on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She got international attention and the song charted in the UK.

But being famous didn’t sit well with Angie and she came home, thankfully to continue singing, writing music, writing poetry. She got married, had a baby and joined a choir.

And like many other artists, found something special in isolation collaborating with Emma Heeney. It’s as if they’ve been waiting all that time to sing together and you’ll hear why at Archies on Saturday, July 31.

Leading up to that, the run of new pub shows continues on Friday, July 16 with the queen of Archies Creek, Tracey Miller and her Airmail Specials, a genuine superstar band including everyone’s favourite guitar slinger Sam Lemann plus James Gilligan and Grant Arthur.

Also coming up:

  • Thursday, July 15, 2021. Ed Kuepper with Jim White. Doors 7.30pm, Show 8pm @ Archies Creek Hall. The show marks Kuepper’s first time on stage with White, who he described in a statement as “one of the finest drummers I’ve seen and heard anywhere”. Together, the pair will reinterpret Kuepper’s music for the performance.
  • Saturday, July 17, 2021. Opelousas. Doors from 6pm show 8.30pm. Opelousas (Opper-loo-sas), is a feast of grit and glory featuring a roux of Kerri Simpson’s powerful raw vocals, Alison Ferrier’s dirty stripped-back electric guitar, amplifed fiddle and smooth vocal tones, peppered with Anthony “Shorty” Shortte’s swamp-soaked percussion. This powerhouse plays pulsating rhythms from the belly of the blues.
  • Sunday, July 25, 2021. Continental Robert and The Excello Allstars.
  • Then on Friday July 30, you’ll be treated to some more local talent as Celia Church And Jon Von Goes return to the stage singing songs about love, tension, intimacy and the everyday in Jonnie Goes To Church. Tix on sale now!
  • Change of line-up: On Saturday, August 14, Dallas Crane will now be joined by Melbourne rock outfit Draught Dodgers, Tim Rogers’ brand new guitar spanking outfit fronted by Diamond Jack Davies, alongside rhythmical section Evan Richards & Mick Sayers. Prepare yourself for a night of whirlwind guitars, V8 fuelled beats, electrified hip shakin’ fury & a whole lotta boot stompin’ action!