THE number of exposure sites on Phillip Island has risen to 27 with the addition of Churchill Island as a Tier 3 site and Woolworths Caltex in Cowes as a Tier 2 site, notified on Sunday.

The exposure site details are as follows:

* Churchill Island 14/07/2021 3:48pm – 4:08pm. Case attended. Tier 3 (Monitor for symptoms).

* Cowes: Caltex Woolworths, 124-128 Thompson Avenue, Cowes. 14/07/2021 6:00pm – 6:20pm. Case attended venue. Tier 2 (Get tested urgently and isolate until you have a negative result).

By Sunday night, the Department of Health had lodged 27 different exposure sites, including multiple visits to four of those sites, including The Nobbies, listing 20 of them as Tier 1 exposure sites.