By Sam Watson

THE Poowong Loch Cricket Club is pushing ahead for the 2021/22 LDCA season.

After fielding just one side in B2 last year, some around the league were concerned about the ability of the club to survive, but they’re continuing the fight to stay alive.

Alex Dixon has been appointed president, Garry Knox returns to the committee as club manager, Ralph Hendrick is treasurer and Gavin Furness will join as a general committee member.

They only have one position left to be filled, which they’re hoping is a captain, a coach, or a player.

An on-field leader is crucial to the club’s efforts to get a side up and running and they’re still on the lookout for someone to fill that role.

The club is yet to tell the league whether they will be able to field a side or not, but Garry Knox said at this stage they’re optimistic.

“We’d promised the LDCA that we would give them an answer by their annual meeting, thankfully lockdowns have pushed those meetings back,” Knox said.

“But signs are looking positive.”

The club’s experienced tough times in the past couple of years but Knox doesn’t want to worry about what’s happened in the past too much, he’s more concerned about who they can get to play for Poowong Loch this year.

There continues to be a “no-paid players” policy but he and Dixon will leave no stone unturned in their preseason push.

“We’re happy to go back to a very grassroots type cricket club, we’re certainly not in the market to buy players, although we are quite financially strong.

“There’s $9000 in the bank account, in some instances some folks would be tempted to go and buy a couple of players, we’re not going down that path, we’re happy to be the minnows.

“If we can put a team on the park, regardless of how good or how strong, we’re more than happy to keep the doors open and give the people of Loch and Poowong an opportunity to play cricket.”

Knox said the appointment of Alex Dixon as president will be nothing but positive for the club.

“Alex is enthusiastic and energetic, he’s in an age group of people that we want to play cricket, 20-year-olds to 40-year-olds.

“His job (as a stock agent) allows him to mix with those people and to mix with the broader community.

“And he’s got a fair bit of initiative.”

Knox said Dixon’s strong points are some of the things the club’s been lacking in recent years.

And for Knox, well he said he could either stay away from the club and see it fall and perhaps live with regret, or to get back involved and see if he could motivate some people to shape up.

“If it does fold, at least we can sleep easy, there’ll be no regrets, we’ll have given it our best shot.

“If it folds up, well it folds up, it’s not the first cricket club to fold and it probably won’t be the last.”

Another thing the club can hang its hat on is their successful year in B2 last year.

After finishing second on the ladder, Poowong Loch was knocked out by MDU in an extremely close battle.

Hopefully, their efforts can help them carry some momentum into the 2021/22 season.

More information on their final decision to the league will be available soon.