By Sam Watson

HISTORY was made in Cape Paterson this month when a block of land sold for $815,000.

The 683 square metre block at 114 Surf Beach Road is in a prime location with the potential of an unrivalled view of the water.

It’s only a short walk from the block, nestled between modern homes, to the new lifesaving club and surf beach.

Cape Paterson PBE real estate agent Wayne Skate said it was by far the most he’d ever seen a block sell for in Cape Paterson.

While the view and location are almost second to none, Wayne said the scarcity of property up for grabs in the beach-side town contributed to the high price.

“There’s not a lot of land for sale out at Cape Paterson at the moment,” Wayne said.

“The location is great, but the fact that people keep missing out on things definitely contributed to it.

“People have been trying to get out of Melbourne and live that dream, which is moving to a place like Cape Paterson.

“And obviously COVID-19 has pushed it along a lot farther.”

Before Christmas, five blocks on the corner of Surf Beach Road and Marine St all between 420 and 480 square metres sold for between $410,000 and $450,000.

And the $815,000 record may not stand long, with blocks at ‘The Cape’ eco-village set to be listed for $1 million around Christmas.

Thirteen blocks with beautiful views are on top of the ridge to the west of the eco-village and Wayne was telling potential buyers 10 years ago, they would eventually go for a $1 million.