Kelly O’Neill takes a strong mark for the Bass Coast Breakers.

WEARING their magenta jumpers to raise awareness for DonateLife Week, the Breakers were excited to be back on the field against the Devils.

They might’ve had three weeks off but it didn’t show with a strong opening quarter which saw the midfield get the ball out of the centre with ease and deliver the ball deep to the tall forwards who converted well.

Sunday Brisbane and Ella Cargill were also lively in the forward line adding a goal each to the tally.

The Breakers continued to convert their opportunities in the second, kicking 4.1 for the quarter with a long goal from Kate Caughey a highlight.

A promising looking play by Sophie Bolding – taking on the opposition with a handful of bounces with great support from Hannah Keily – was cut short by the half time siren.

The Breakers went into half-time with a convincing lead of 10.4-64 to 0.0-0.

This allowed coach Bianca Helmuth-Pask to rotate players and try new combinations in the second half.

Sophie McCracken-Evans is one of the most versatile players in the team, spending time on the ball, in the ruck and in the back-line and again proved reliable in each role.

Imogen Bradford continues to impress, with her speed and run through the centre and awareness around goals a highlight to watch.

The last quarter saw some of the Breakers backliners venture forward and further highlight the versatility within the team with Chelsea Connell and Oona Shepherd both converting set shots.

In a great team effort, the Breakers had 11 goal scorers with the good conditions particularly suiting the tall forwards with Grace Matser and Tess Angarane finishing with three apiece.

In keeping with the spirit of DonateLife Week, the Breakers leant players to the opposition throughout the game to make up numbers with each player giving their all.

Krystal Hitchings was particularly impressive for the Devils.

The Breakers are back at home next week taking on Seaford at 2pm, Sunday, August 8 at Dalyston.

Bass Coast 15.10-100 def Eastern Devils 0.1-1.

Goals: T.Angarane 3, G. Matser 3, S. Bolding, E. Cargill, O. Shepherd, K. Caughey, I. Bradford, C. Connell, S Brisbane, K. O’Neill, and E. Angarane.

Best: G. Matser, I. Bradford, T.Angarane, C. Connell, S. McCracken-Evans, and C. Fletcher.

Award sponsors: Harvey Norman Wonthaggi, The Wonthaggi Club and Lime and Co.