In reply to comments made by CEO of Bass Coast Shire Council in your paper.

The council and those elected councillors at last election guaranteed that, in future, hard rubbish (red landfill bin) collection would occur each week in tourist areas of Bass Coast for four weeks in January each year.

If they don’t, in areas like San Remo, they will be taking all bins to the tip during that holiday period as they will all be full of garbage.

The reality this Christmas period is that all tourist areas are going to be swamped with visitors after Melbourne lockdown is lifted and vaccination numbers reach more than 80 per cent.

The traffic lines onto Phillip Island will go for kms, and San Remo will be swamped with visitors who leave their rubbish, when they leave, in our bins.

This only gets worse if there is no hard rubbish collections every second week. People either arrive or leave booked accommodation or their family’s holiday homes and arrive to packed bins or, if they take it with them, easier to dump it in council bins or anybody else’s bin on way out of town.

We have 24 units in our complex – that’s up to 72 bins if all three bins are out. We know firsthand what it’s like and Bass Coast Shire Council need to lift their game and listen to residents.

The only thing Bass Coast Shire Council [is] ever interested in is increasing ridiculously high rates; start doing what we pay you to do, look after ratepayers. Without us, you have no ridiculously high paid job.

Chris Day, San Remo.

Editor: One councillor promised weekly red bin collections in summer.