LEONGATHA resident and business owner Clare Williams will be throwing her hat in the ring for the upcoming South Gippsland Shire Council elections in the Tarwin Valley Ward.

Ms Williams, who has lived in the shire for more than 14 years, said she decided to run because she wanted to continue being involved in the community, and saw the council needed a range of different people from the community to run.

“As a woman with a young family and also running a local business with my husband, I have a lot to offer and a lot to learn from this fantastic community that we live in,” she said.

“I also worked with the amazing team at Leongatha Children’s Centre for more than 10 years and still volunteer for local groups including Leongatha community carols, and enjoy being a part of running art and social events like the Daffodil Festival.

“Being in community groups and volunteering is incredibly rewarding but it also helps me gain ongoing insight into the issues and values that matter to people in South Gippsland.”

Ms Williams said as council had been in administration for one year, there was a lot of work to do to reconnect.

“Our area has great opportunity, resources and infrastructure. The choices we make next are the ones that will create new paths for growth and development for the future,” she said.

“Listening to our community and providing a voice is my intention as well as council supporting our COVID recovery.

“I’d love to hear from anyone who has ideas or concerns, so please get in touch with me.”

To learn more about Clare, visit bit.ly/3iCRve1 or email clare4council@gmail.com.