Re Steve Finlay’s letter of August 10, 2021, and his comments “in these times of wokeism and government appeasing reporting, it was good to read your comments on our state government ‘hellbent on proving its credentials to the Greens and the latte-sipping left’”, I reckon all the companies below (information sourced by a simple internet search) must therefore be making a real dent in the supply of lattes.

CSIRO has joined with the four major banks, insurers, and major super funds to form the Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative, modelled on recent international practices including by the EU and UK and aligned with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Final Communique from recent G7 meeting included climate change issues.

Aldi, Coles, Woolies, Bunnings, Mirvac, Lion Corporate, Google, JBS (world’s largest meat company), Colgate Palmolive, Heineken, PepsiCola, Visa, Amazon all pledging to have zero carbon emissions (and even Dairy Australia is undertaking genetic improvement to produce fewer emissions from cows and Landcare is exploring regenerative agriculture).
Oh dear, they have all become woke! As have their relevant shareholders, who make up a large part of the community, and who want to be represented! Fortunately, Bass Coast Council wants to “live respectfully with our environment” and SGSC is “preparing for climate change”.

Steve, you know what happened to the dinosaurs!

Marion Ryan, Foster.