SOUTH Gippsland Veterans cricketers are back in action.

Training at the inside cricket facility at Korumburra has been happening since July, starting at 5pm each Wednesday night.

Once the weather warms up, training will revert to Outtrim or other facilities in the region for training.

The club continues to expand, attracting cricketers from all over South Gippsland.

This year the club will continue with two Over 50s teams and one Over 60s team.

The Lyrebird Over 50s Gippsland League, in which one of the Over 50s teams play, has now expanded to eight teams for the coming season.

The second Over 50s team plays in the Melbourne competition, as does the Over 60s.

Veterans Cricket Victoria will also run a competition for Over 70s in which South Gippsland will provide players this coming season.

There are nearly 200 Over 70s cricketers currently playing in the Over 60s competition, which has some 2000 participants.

As well as the normal Sunday competitions, there are state championships in which South Gippsland has had representations.

The emphasis of veterans’ cricket is participation in which the benefits of health and overall wellbeing are seen as the major outcomes.

If you are interested in joining, please contact the following people who can provide answers to any queries.

• Over 50s Chris Falls – 0425 759 974.

• Over 60s Graham Whiteman – 0407 735 470.

• Over 60s Trevor Wilson – 0408 586 382.

• Over 70s Mike Newton – 0417 589 028.