By Sam Watson

ELEANOR Patterson has secured a spot in the Olympic high jumping final, which will be held tomorrow at 8.35pm.

The 25-year-old’s first attempt was at 1.86 metres which she cleared comfortably.

Her first attempt at 1.9 metres was a successful one, as was her attempt at 1.93 metres.

Patterson, who hails from Leongatha, missed her first crack at 1.95 metres, but she was able to clear it on her next attempt, putting her towards the top of Group B and booking her spot in the final.

Fellow Australian Nicola McDermott also reached the 1.95 metre mark, and she will compete against Patterson tomorrow night.

Patterson will now look to conquer her personal best of 1.99 metres and bring home another medal for the green and gold.

But it won’t be easy, with 13 other high jumpers in the final.

Ukranian Yaroslava Mahuchikh will be extremely tough to beat, as will McDermott and Mariya Lasitskene.