By Sam Watson

ON WEDNESDAY, Jolene Stubbs from Handley and Anderson Funeral Directors discussed how to plan a funeral with Wonthaggi locals.

The seminar held at the Wonthaggi Library included in depth information about prepaid, pre-arranged funerals and funeral bonds.

To discuss funeral options, you can book a meeting with Handley and Anderson where you can talk through your own or your loved one?s wishes.

A pre-paid funeral ensures the majority of the costs of the funeral service is fixed at today?s prices.

It also ensures a peace of mind for you and your family, as you can discuss your own wishes.

In pre-arranged funerals, you can organise your funeral in advance but there is no money exchanged.

That means the cost of the funeral will likely rise over time.

Once again, pre-arranging allows you to have the service you would like, down to the music, the floral tribute on your coffin and much more.

Funeral bonds include you investing a certain amount of money with Handley and Anderson, and they will then use that to pay for the funeral.

Any money left over goes back to your family, but once again the cost will likely rise as the items aren’t at fixed prices.

The Handley and Anderson Chapel on Loch-Wonthaggi Road is a brilliant place to hold a funeral, but they are also happy to conduct the service at any location.