AN EMPOWERED group of 20 women has pledged to hike to the Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse to raise money to sponsor women in Gippsland through the Go Girls Foundation’s unique five-month program.

Go Girls Foundation, founded by Michelle Jobson and Rita Bottomley in 2008, intends to empower women and make a difference in their lives.

Founder of Hike to the Light, Jess Johnson, wanted to create a hike to raise money for a good cause and said the idea came to life over her friend’s dining table.

“When Michelle Jobson told me about the Go Girls Foundation, who they are, what they do and how they help women, I said to her that it sounds amazing and we’d love to raise money for her foundation,” Jess said.

Go Girls Foundation offers women access to customised programs, workshops and retreats while bringing together inspirational energy, driven by real change.

“My request to Michelle was that I wanted the women to be from Gippsland. I want the money to help a woman from Gippsland,” said Jess.

Go Girls helps women that may be unemployed, victims of domestic violence, migrant women, women who experienced trauma, homelessness and women recovering from breast cancer.

Go Girls’ Hike to the Light is run by fully qualified psychologists and facilitators, offering the women involved employment skills development and positive psychology approaches while empowering women to gain a stronger sense of self and more control in their lives.

The ambitious and inspiring group of 20 women involved in Hike to the Light will raise awareness and support for the Go Girls Foundation and individual women while connecting and creating a positive impact in their own lives.

“It feels really nice to know that you’re genuinely making a difference in people’s lives,” Jess said.

The group will complete the 40km round trip to the Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse from November 26 to 28, 2021.

Unfortunately, the group is at capacity for the hike to Wilsons Promontory Lighthouse, however, the group is holding practice hikes that are also open for the public to join.

The next practice hike will be on August 8 along the George Bass Coastal Walk; register to participate on the Go Girls Hike to the Light 2021 Facebook page.

To donate to Hike to the Light, visit, and to learn more about Go Girls Foundation, visit