Don Hill and former co-councillor Andrew McEwen have apparently been pushing a re-election agenda in their mail-pamphlet since soon after they were sacked from Council.
In their view, their sacking represents an egregious wrong done to them by both Houses of State Parliament. However, their pamphlet shows us instead why these disgraced former Councillors were impossible to work with and why we should ensure that we don’t vote them back in.

These former councillors are full of resentment against those who called them to account. If indeed they are intending to stand for re-election, they continue to be wary of attracting scrutiny by not publicly announcing their candidacy.

We need to understand the agendas that these two dismissed councillors now have in mind but obfuscation in this regard is their hallmark.

These dismissed Councillors have shown us an inability to self-reflect and learn from the experience. They have taken no responsibility for their impact on others, including Council staff, the embarrassment caused to South Gippsland residents, the cost to ratepayers, and the lost opportunities for Council and the community.

We need a fresh approach and to leave the baggage of the last Council behind.

Carol Johnston, Foster.