WITH another lockdown underway, businesses big and small are still reeling from the financial and psychological impacts.
After only emerging from July’s snap lockdown, tough restrictions were again introduced on Thursday, August 5, which began just hours after they were announced.
The state-wide lockdown is expected to last for seven days, with businesses switching back to takeaway, remote learning for schools and the ‘five reasons to leave home’ in place.
Korumburra Business Association president Noelene Cosson said the association has been doing all it can to keep supporting traders doing it tough.
“We’re certainly trying to promote buy local and help advertise those doing takeaway,” Ms Cosson said.
“We do a lot of online promotion, but everyone’s pretty devastated there’s another lockdown.
“We didn’t see this one coming at all.
“We’re a town getting more and more tourism now, so therefore we have quite a few businesses that have been affected by it.”
Ms Cosson said ongoing lockdowns were causing severe disruptions for employers and their employees.
“The casual workers are just on and off; it’s just devastating for them as well,” she said.
“Unless it personally touches you, you just don’t understand how far it extends. It has ramifications right across the board.”
Ms Cosson added local events and markets were also being hit hard.
“When events are cancelled, that’s all the food and materials coming from different businesses that’s interrupted,” she said.
“It’s just a minefield. I do think you have to get a grip on it (COVID) before you can let the state go back to normal.
“But within a few days if it’s only connected to one area, I think there’s no reason why regional can’t have some reprieve if they find out where it (COVID) has come from.”