My thoughts on the contempt for ratepayers by a deeply troubled South Gippsland Shire Council.

I have studied, and documented in detail all budgets, annual reports, and more, since 2006. I see a self-serving culture and disrespect for ratepayers by the administration that has deteriorated badly over the last two years. It is very obvious this cannot continue.

I regard the current budget as useless garbage and council meetings conducted by the unelected three, I think are a farce.

The replacement of individualism by substitution of the collective is left-wing ideology which I find deeply disturbing.

Two years of tampering with virtually all policies must be corrected urgently by the incoming councillors and a drastic overhaul of the administration is desperately needed. The list goes on and on.

One example of the bad culture is a $5.35 million construction project in Korumburra that has been the subject of at least five separate Freedom of Information requests.

The resistance and blatant refusal by senior council officers to provide information despite legal requirements to do so must be exposed and addressed.

The time has come for IBAC, the Inspectorate, the Ombudsman, a Public Accounts Committee, or all of them, to commence investigations and use this as a platform to continue to expose and address what I call festering sores.

I am happy to provide the facts related to many areas of deep concern if anyone wants further information.

Gus Blaauw, Venus Bay.