AFTER experiencing a shortage of Pfizer vaccines in late July, Bass Coast Health’s (BCH) supply is good to go again.

But while BCH CEO Jan Child confirmed supplies were replenished last Friday, July 30, she said vulnerable and priority groups will be first in line.

“We haven’t had instructions yet if we can release them to walk-ins and we’re still reaching out to the vulnerable groups,” Ms Child said.

“We’re trying to get 1A and 1B done – so that’s all of our staff, residential care and private providers, police, ambulance, CFA and disability workers.

“They’re our priority.”

Ms Child noted AstraZeneca stocks were plentiful.

“The important message about AstraZeneca is we can give it to over 60s, but we’re not allowed to give it to under 60s,” she said.

“People under 60, who want AstraZeneca, need to go to their GP to get it.

“All of the GP clinics in our catchment actually have good availability, so they should have no problem getting their AstraZeneca jab if they’re under 60.”

Ms Child added she understood GP clinics will also start administering Pfizer vaccinations in the coming months.

“We’re planning to staff up at the (Wonthaggi) Town Hall and expand hours and pump through large numbers there,” she said.

“The testing numbers have also been really steady; we didn’t get much increase after the Bass Coast positive.

“And the really good news is that there was no other positives or community transmission, which is great, the ‘miracle’ happened in that sense.”

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