BASS Coast Landcare Network (BCLN) and the Bass Coast Shire Council are to renew their partnership.
The two organisations have had a strong partnership since 1994, with the council providing significant financial and in-kind support for BCLN.
The new MOU has been drawn up and was strongly supported at a recent Bass Coast Shire Council meeting.
“Bass Coast Landcare really is an integral part of our community; to be honest, I don’t think that you can really quantify the contribution that these individuals make in monetary terms,” Cr Leticia Laing said.
The new MOU reflects the strong partnership and shared goals between both organisations, with many benefits for the community and Bass Coast Shire environment.
The council meeting agenda outlined the shared goals of both organisations, including to:
* Protect the natural resource base of the Bass Coast Shire.
* Promote and implement activities that protect biodiversity and encourage sustainable agriculture.
* Create training opportunities based on environmental best management practices.
* Provide incentive programs for land managers based on environmental best management practices.
* Establish a strong and vibrant rural agricultural community comprising a range of diversified enterprises that is efficiently managed and ecologically sustainable.
BCLN aims to be carbon neutral by 2022, whilst Bass Coast Shire Council has a target of net-zero emissions by 2030 for both council operations and the community.
The two-decade-long partnership between the two organisations delivers great value for the community, councillors said.
“Not only is it the work on the ground that [Bass Coast Landcare] are doing, but the educational arm of this group is just incredible,” Cr Rochelle Halstead said.
“The work that they’re doing and teaching farmers, especially how to introduce sustainable agricultural practices, is just one of the many things they do in educating the broader community,” she said.
The core funding provided by the council each year has enabled BCLN to build the capacity to attract significant state, federal and philanthropic grants – leading to better work than BCLN and the council could have achieved alone.
Bass Coast Landcare Network and Bass Coast Shire Council aim to encourage sustainable land use practice, promote conservation work and enhance biodiversity across the region.
Both organisations support environmental best management practices to reverse land and water quality decline through community action, knowledge and skills.