The Bass Coast Shire Council’s draft Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021-25 is out now for comment.


REALLY? There are only two domestic animal breeding establishments in the whole Bass Coast Shire?

So says the shire’s draft new Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021-25 – A Responsible Pet Ownership Plan for Bass Coast Shire.

Elsewhere at least, dog and cat breeders have been bobbing up everywhere, displaying their wares on Gumtree and other marketing sites, due to the massive increase in demand, and price, as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns.

Seems everyone wants a pet to keep them company.

However, if there are more than two registered breeders locally, the Bass Coast Shire Council intends to find them.

And one of the ways they plan to find any breeding establishments out there in the shire that aren’t registered is by monitoring those very sites, Gumtree, Google and the like.

Objective 14 of the draft management plan is as follows:

Domestic animal businesses in the municipality will be identified and registered: Monitor for businesses that should be registered Domestic Animal Businesses by reviewing advertisements, social media, local notice boards, etc and ensure they are compliant with legislation.

Under Objective 15 will also audit these businesses: Ensure registered businesses are compliant with current legislation and relevant code of practice. Audit Domestic Animal Businesses in Bass Coast for compliance.

Here’s a profile of the shire’s domestic animal businesses it knows about:

“Bass Coast Shire has eight registered Domestic Animal Businesses:

  • One animal shelter;
  • Two boarding establishments;
  • One day care / boarding establishment;
  • One home boarding establishment;
  • One dog training establishment; and
  • Two breeding establishments.

Community Safety Officers inspect these facilities annually to ensure compliance prior to registration renewal.

“In 2020-21, three businesses were identified as having breaches upon first inspection. Notices to comply were issued. Second inspections revealed that breaches were rectified, and businesses were compliant.

“We actively seek to identify, investigate and prosecute any illegal Domestic Animal Businesses operating in Bass Coast.

What we currently do:

  • Supply and distribution of information regarding Domestic Animal Businesses and relevant codes of practice.
  • Inspect and process new Domestic Animal Business applications.
  • Annual inspections undertaken in accordance with The Act and issue annual registration certificates.
  • Investigation of breaches/complaints.
  • Council issues warnings, infringements, notices to comply or to prosecutes businesses that fail to comply with work plans and the relevant Code of Practice.

To have your say on the Bass Coast Shire Council’s draft new Domestic Animal Management Plan 2021-25 go to:

Feedback is due by Sunday, September 12, 2021 and can be provided by written submission via a return email, by post (Coordinator Community Safety, Bass Coast Shire Council, PO Box 118, Wonthaggi 3996), or in person at any of our customer service centres.