By Nick Sinis

AFTER Bass Coast Health opened its new, state-of-the-art cancer centre earlier this year, Anna Kenny was quick to take on the top role of the unit.

The Integrated Care Centre – also known as the L. Rigby Centre – offers locals, for the first-time, treatment including chemotherapy, infusions and supportive therapies.

It also saves residents from having to travel far and wide to receive comprehensive cancer care.

Anna recently took on the role of nurse unit manager for the centre, and brings a wealth of experience working in emergency, medical surgical nursing, district nursing, palliative care and chemotherapy.

“I’ve been oncology for about 17 years now,” she said.

“That was primarily once I had been diagnosed with cancer and went through that whole process.

“It obviously sparked my interest for treatments and what was out there.

“You’re always thinking about what’s going on even after you’re well in that cancer journey; you still have those thoughts.

“You know what the patients are thinking when they come in and are sitting in that chair and hear they’ve got cancer. They just hear they’ve got cancer.”

Ms Kenny said the centre’s focus is to capture the different requirements of patients’ needs.

“This is in regard to supportive care, lymphedema specialists, dietitians and exercise. We try to encapsulate a lot of allied health services with patients that are going through their cancer treatment.

“We work in conjunction with Alfred Health and have oncology specialists come.”