FOLLOWING the call from Daniel Andrews today, shortly before 11am, notifying of a snap lockdown in regional Victoria at 1pm, we’ve heard no reports locally of any brides sitting in the chair getting their hair and makeup done when the news came through.

Wedding celebrant at Inverloch, Jacky Webster, heard of no such situations in the local area but she certainly feels for anyone trying to organise a wedding at the moment.

“We’re having to make Plan A, B, C, D and E when we sit down with couples now if they are determined to go ahead,” said Jacky.

“What happens if they reduce the numbers to 10, would you still go ahead? What if it’s only you, me and the witnesses, would you go ahead?

“And what happens, if something like today comes, what do we do then?

“It’s tough for anyone but you’ve really got to feel for people trying to have a wedding, or anyone involved, especially the reception places. It’s just so hard.

“I just can’t imagine what it would be like for a couple to be caught in that situation today and there would be some.

“I can understand why they had to do it (call the lockdown) but it’s just an impossible situation for some, for sure.”

Likewise Patricia Jamieson, a civil celebrant on Phillip Island, also said she wasn’t aware of any weddings organised on the Island this weekend.

“I hope not. It would have been so cruel,” said Patricia.

“I had a bride call me today, in tears, having to cancel a wedding on October, after what happened today because, understandably, she said she couldn’t take the risk,” she said.

“It’s so difficult now to know when to go ahead.

“It would have been a truly awful day to be a bride today, but I’m sure there would have been some families in that situation, and I really feel for them.

“The only weddings we can do now are end-of-life ceremonies.”

If you know of someone who had to call off their wedding at the last moment or we able to make some quick-fire changes overnight on Friday night or Saturday morning… let us know at the Sentinel-Times, email:

If the wedding was still able to go ahead (or not) send a photo and a few lines of the story.