Well, it looks as if I may have made my last outing to Cape Paterson… that’s if we have to pass the bomb shelter, the rib cage of an elephant or a dinosaur.

I am talking about the latest addition to the Cape Paterson area that some people are “raving” about, I am still wondering what it represents.

Maybe it is something good as the Bass Coast Shire spent $50,000 on it. How that spot was decided on I could not guess, as statues, etc., are usually respected in the park grounds or somewhere of notice, not on the side of the road.

What I am getting at is why didn’t a more local object be erected, e.g., a miner and horse or some reference to World War One or Two etc.

Was the general public or ratepayers consulted for their information? I don’t think so. Obviously, our rates paid up as usual; it is easy to spend another person’s money. I bet the Life Saving Club would have used the $50,000.

Lawrence M Black, Wonthaggi.