Turton’s Creek Road is one of the roads with the most damage and likely to take longer to repair.


Repair works are still occurring across South Gippsland following the June storm event.

Council’s Infrastructure Maintenance Team, Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) and local contractors are making significant progress repairing damaged roads and clearing vegetation but there is a long way to go.

An inspection on the South Gippsland road network by Regional Roads Victoria showed that there are 119 roads still impacted by slips, to some extent, and over 1800 vegetation jobs requiring completion.

The vegetation works are mostly related to clearing roadsides from tree debris in the lead up to summer.

“With inspections of our road network now complete, we have a good idea of what works are still required,” said Manager Infrastructure Maintenance, Wendy Ollington.

“The damage was significant, but we have a good plan in place and will be systematically working through our list until the repairs are finished.

“We would like to thank our community and all road users for their continued patience.”

The roads which had experienced the most significant damage and will likely take a longer time to repair are Turton’s Creek Road, Toora Gunyah Road and Devils Pinch Road.

The storms caused an estimated $17M damage to the region but the cost of the repairs is reimbursable through the Commonwealth Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

If you, or someone you know, still requires support following the June storm event, the Storm and Flood Hotline coordinated by Bushfire Recovery Victoria is available.

The hotline helps to connect people with required support services and can be reached on 1800 560 760. Additional assistance is also available for local businesses that may have been impacted, via the Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS). The SMBS provides free one-on-one business mentoring and can be booked via: https://www.sbms.org.au/events/view/1882/South_Gippsland_Small_Business_Clinic

To assist with the ongoing recovery process, Council is recruiting three new positions that will have a focus on storm recovery and boosting readiness and recovery capabilities in our local communities and businesses.

The positions are funded through the Victorian Government’s Council Support Fund and will be for 12 months’ duration.