ENGAGED couples across regional Victoria can now enjoy weddings at a venue with 10 people, including the marrying couple and two witnesses. 

Luckily, Phillip Island Registry Office can now operate and enjoy the beautiful smiling faces of couples enjoying their special day with a small group, or no group at all. 

Lisa-Anne Prendergast is excited to be open again and is excited to get back into it this week after having to push some weddings back four times.

“We have had five weddings be pushed to October, but we have one on Tuesday which is really exciting,” she said. 

“The wedding will be off-site at a 5-acre winery. The local couple wanted something small and special.

The whole beauty of registry weddings is that couples can keep it small or go to a winery, it’s great.”

Phillip Island Registry Office is holding a giveaway for regional couples that are looking for a lowkey wedding. 

The giveaway includes the wedding, Claire Davie Wedding Photographer and Morrie & Maisie Event Flowers. 

All couples need to do is send Phillip Island Registry Office a 30 second to one-minute video explaining why they should be picked. 

For more information, contact wed@phillipislandregistryoffice.com.au.