A KORUMBURRA local, hardworking farmer has recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of oesophagus cancer.

The Fleming family are berry farmers and grow and pick all their Fleming Berries on their farm – they also make delicious jams, sauces, waffles, icy poles and fruit ice cream.

Justin Fleming requires chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy treatment immediately to shrink the 5cm tumour and allow for surgery.

Malgorzata Fleming, Justin’s wife, said Justin had thought a COVID swab test had irritated his throat – however, after going to the doctor it was revealed that he had cancer.

“We rushed to get tests done and find out what we can do to help him get better. We have to travel into the city for treatment and are lucky we have friends that can accommodate us,” Ms Fleming said.

Ms Fleming said Justin is very mentally strong and has a wonderful support system around him to keep spirits high.

”It’s good for him to keep going and working. We’re still really busy, especially with Father’s Day orders,” Ms Fleming said.

“We managed to get Justin’s mum down from Queensland which has helped us a lot with the kids remote learning and getting them organised.”

Erika McInerney, a family friend, has put together a GoFundMe to help raise money while Justin undergoes treatment to help maintain the farm.

“They are a very kind and generous family who quietly help others in the community. I would love to see if we can give back to them during this incredibly stressful period in their lives so that they can hire help to replace the workload that Justin carries and allow him the time to fight this battle,” Ms McInerney said on GoFundMe.

To donate, visit GoFundMe and search Help the Fleming family or search gofundme.com/f/d5zcn-help-the-fleming-family.