On Tuesday, October 21, I will be nominating at the Election Office to run in the Coastal Ward for the upcoming election in South Gippsland Shire.

Since becoming president of Fish Creek Community Development Group, my community involvement has moved fast for me. I’m a voice of the community and I’m recognised for just getting on with it and for getting stuff done.

Months ago I was approached by quite polar opposite groups and community members in Fish Creek to run for council and I am truly humbled that this support has kept growing.

It’s great for ego, but doesn’t automatically mean I should! I am convinced that most people who ask you to run for council don’t really know the full extent of what they are asking you to do. Public life is something I have never seen in my future at all. Ever. It has organically come to be… and I’m curious about what can be.

The more I investigated the idea, the more surprised I became about how our governance system actually works. What does it actually mean to run for council? I have never really cared about local elections before and I think most voters are the same.

The only way I could see myself peacefully running is if I could find a way to campaign openly and honestly in such a transparent way, that no one could possibly think I’m “full of it”. No one wants to be seen as a “Scotty from Marketing”. I also needed to sit back and find my place in the game.

My entire campaign will centre around the content on my website, where I will spend the next two weeks populating the pages, every day, with new information about every candidate in every ward.

I feel it’s important to make a considered decision and not be lazy with your vote for this election. Some candidates have big budgets and campaign teams… and some candidates, like myself, don’t. This is a problem for true, deep democracy though it shouldn’t be something you need to worry about!

I’m attempting to make it as easy as possible for a voter to understand each candidate in their ward and how to find out what each candidate stands for, all in one place.

Yes, I will campaign hard and yes you will have plenty of ways to understand what I will do with your vote.

But rather than just say “I’m going to be transparent and open”, my goal with my campaign is to be transparent and open, and help the voter understand what true transparency can look like.

Being a national sales manager for a large team of direct salespeople and also having owned and sold my own business, I have dealt with hundreds of people who say they can do something, but only a small percentage can actually step up to deliver.

I encourage each and every one of you to spend the time to truly consider who the candidates are and what they will do with your vote.

Vote for me, vote for someone else. Whatever you do, please care about who gets your vote.

All your choices can be found here: craigprivett.com.au.

Craig Privett, Independent candidate for Coastal Ward. Authorised by Craig Privett, PO Box 116, Fish Creek 3959.