Andrew McEwen’s letter (Sentinel-Times, September 14) was an eye opener.

How can anyone aspiring to public service call people he does not agree with laggards?

Pollution will get us long before climate change.

In his own time, he could stop Australia sending our rubbish offshore to third-world countries where it gets burned in the open, polluting the air and impact on the health of the population.

To be a councillor, however, he should concentrate that our unmade roads are kept in drivable conditions in all weather, drains cleared, grass slashed on roadsides, garden parks and footpass kept in good order, adequate lighting in public places; initiate a hard rubbish collection once a year, the collection of toxic waste and last but not least put the Events and Equestrian Centre that was so disgracefully dumped by the last council back on the agenda.

These are the core businesses of council.

Ilse Arndt, Meeniyan.