I refer to the article ‘Campaign to increase local spending’, Sentinel-Times, September 7.

To support rural towns, the spending of council to support local businesses and trades is absolutely necessary to make strong and vibrant towns.

This also applies to employment of local council administration staff and depot workers.

In my experience, councils in the majority employ in-house CEOs, managers and administration staff from outside their municipalities but will employ locally for the outside workforce.

Do not tell me that there are not the qualified persons in the South Gippsland Shire to fill the management and administration positions, including the CEO.

Also, the council-provided vehicles for the management staff are far more costly to provide and maintain for vehicles travelling many kilometres from outside the municipality.

Just think of the extra money being spent within the townships from the generally higher-paid management and administration staff.

I hope that newly elected councillors can promote council employment of local staff to make a better outcome for all towns.

Barry Gilbert, Walkerville.