So Don Hill and Andrew McEwen have finally declared themselves as candidates in the October South Gippsland local government elections.

These two former councillors, sacked in 2019, have been campaigning under the radar for a long time, so their declarations were expected.

However, I for one was taken aback by the audacity of some of the claims in their public statements.

I guess I had hoped for some sort of mea culpa for the lead roles they each played in the chaos and dysfunction that caused the sacking of council.

But no mea culpa is evident in their recent statements, and their claims to be worthy representatives for us in 2021 show little or no sign of self-reflection on their past council performance.

Don the maladministration fighter and champion of transparency? No deals or vested interests? Andrew the careful listener, the truth teller, and restorer of trust in council?

This doesn’t sound like the central players in a dysfunctional council where resignations and complaints of bullying abounded, where a monitor was called in to restore, unsuccessfully, a semblance of good governance, where staff/council relationships were at an all-time low, where malpractice was found and where probity and good governance had long since left the premises.

I am willing to accept that Andrew and Don believe their own rhetoric by now. But we the voters don’t have to. Anyone interested in or connected with council at that time knows what happened, is appalled by how low council sank and how badly behaved and self-interested some of those councillors were. We deserve better than being represented by recycled sacked former councillors.

Lynn Atkinson, Foster.