Scott Morrison and Russell Broadbent are totally gutless and irresponsible in failing to immediately take action on climate change.

While their tardy performance in the provision of vaccines and quarantine facilities is lamentable, a far greater threat to the welfare of all Australians is their refusal to initiate policies consistent with the expectations of the Paris Climate Agreement.

They appear to have lost the plot in terms of protecting the future of their fellow Australians.

John Hewson, a former leader of the Liberal Party recently wrote: “Nobody expects Scott Morrison to hold a hose or draw up a syringe, just to lead on important issues, the resolution of which would clearly be to the greater good of our nation”.

The Morrison government (with Russell Broadbent’s support) is refusing to sign up to net-zero emissions by 2050. It cannot use the excuse that we will be disadvantaged if we sign up now.

In fact, the opposite is true. A border carbon tax by EU countries will cost Australia dearly if we don’t take the pledge.

It is not the left lunatic fringe that is making noise on climate change.

Lendlease chairman Michael Ullmer has warned the Morrison government not to miss the opportunity to commit to cutting emissions to zero by 2050, at the upcoming United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow this October.

He also reported that Lendlease, an Australian globally integrated property developer, has committed to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. He said that Australian companies were looking for certainty on carbon targets and the federal government should sign up to net zero emissions as soon as possible.

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