Last Thursday I committed to becoming a candidate for the Tarwin Valley Ward in the upcoming South Gippsland Council elections.

I am doing this on a solid base of a wide range of community administration as a volunteer and a lifelong resident of the area.

I want to deliver what our community seeks, a concentration from our shire on the four Rs: Residents, Recreation, Roads and Rubbish.

Taking a common sense approach to all we do, with a forward-looking vision, will deliver strong outcomes to allow the South Gippsland Shire to grow its rate base, provide the required infrastructure for our towns and businesses, deliver desired support for our agricultural sector and give our community volunteers, comfort in knowing their efforts are appreciated.

I encourage all our eligible voters to seek this from their candidates, so as the South Gippsland Shire can be an area that we are all proud of. We have it here, we just need to grow it!

John Schelling, Leongatha.