Hi, new nominees. Just an opinion on what’s required of you as a councillor.

1. Deal with ratepayers equally. No matter how big or small each town is.
2. Be forward-thinking in what is best for the future of the shire (remember the decisions you make now will impact on ratepayers in future years).
3. Reconsider decisions made in the past about closure of free parks, e.g. Franklin river reserve. The closure of this park has affected local towns (loss of revenue), e.g. food, fuel etc. Previously, the shire representatives asked what was needed to keep the park open. Closure of these parks has put extra pressure on farmers who have river frontage, (government allowing free access to river through farmers’ properties).

Suggestion 1 – Install drop point for caravan waste disposal.

Suggestion 2 – Install honesty box (campers are happy ? to pay small donations for the convenience of having a place to camp and place their rubbish). Other parks are finding donations are helping with keeping camps tidy.

Most importantly, listen to ratepayers’ concerns, not only residents of each community (town people) but also local farmers – after all, they play a big part in how each community survives.

I once again emphasise this is my opinion and not necessarily the opinion of others.

Thank you for nominating and I hope you succeed in your nomination to become a new shire councillor.

Peter Andersen, Welshpool.