By Sam Watson

On Thursday, the league announced they would wait to see if there was a state government announcement regarding a return to community sport in the coming weeks, before making a call on their season.

If there is an announcement made by Thursday, September 16, allowing a return to play by Saturday, September 25, the league will attempt a comeback.

If there is no word and it does not become clear they will be able to return by September 25, all senior and junior football and netball seasons will be abandoned.

The September 16 announcement deadline ensures teams will have enough time to prepare for a return to play and the September 25 gameday deadline gives them enough time to complete the finals series before cricket takes over local ovals.

If the league does return by September 25, it will host a top-four finals series over two weeks, and there’s a high chance they’ll have to go ahead without Melbourne players.

Despite the league’s valiant efforts to keep the season alive, confidence levels aren’t high at clubland.