KORUMBURRA Secondary College’s long fought $12.8m redevelopment is progressing well, as the school continues to work closely with architects on design plans.

Under the new plans, the existing decades-old classroom block at the front of the school will be demolished, with the current admin area retained and refurbished.

A new classroom block with flexible learning areas will be built, along with a new gymnasium and indoor basketball court with a performing arts area, storage areas, change and toilet facilities and other rooms.

These buildings will be constructed on a separate parcel of school land, delivering cost savings and minimising disruption to students.

Korumburra Secondary College principal Vaya Dauphin said despite lockdown disruptions, the project was expected to go out to tender in the coming months, with construction commencing late this year.

“We’ll have a full competition-sized gymnasium and a performing arts area, which is exciting,” she said.

“It means if there’s anything after hours, that’s the new place the community can go to.

“And we’re getting another block of classrooms, including an art room.”

Ms Dauphin said there would also be a new area affectionally named ‘The Arcade’.

“It will be a long strip between the two new classroom areas, and it’ll have seating and be almost like a (shopping) mall,” she said.

“The idea originally came from Korumburra’s coal mining history, and it’ll have almost a tunnel, if you like.

“But we thought an arcade sounded a lot nicer than coal tunnel.”

Ms Dauphin said the school meets regularly with architects.

She praised the work architects had been doing.

“They’ve taken on board every single piece of feedback they’ve received,” she said.

“The other thing they have incorporated into the design is we’re going to have weaving pathways.

“It incorporated the idea of the Karmai Worm – it’s going to have the connection like weaving worms throughout the school.”

Ms Dauphin added the school hoped to redevelop its traffic management but was currently unable to due to funding.