By Sam Watson

EVERYONE at the Korumburra Basketball Association can’t wait to get back on the court when regional Victoria comes out of lockdown.

They did manage to sneak the grand finals from the previous season in between lockdowns but they were eager to get back on the court as soon as possible, especially with their new jerseys on.

Korumburra basketball junior coordinator Michelle Mabilia said it was definitely time for an upgrade of jerseys.

“Our old uniforms were looking a little tired, and it was an absolute mission to sort them at the start of each season,” Mabilia said.

“The new ones all have team names, they’ve got the Korumburra logo and them and each age group have different names.

“So, at the end of the grand finals, we can actually yell out team names instead of trying to figure out which colour won which game.

“They’re all quite bright colours, our secretary Kate Lindsay has done an awesome job getting them ready to go.

“We can’t wait to see them on the court.”

And there will be plenty of players to hop into the jerseys this season.

“Coming back from COVID-19 last year we struggled a little bit with numbers especially in the younger age groups, but some parents have pushed it and we’re seeing a lot more kids registered,” Mabilia said.

“We had to order another set of uniforms for our under 10 girls because there wasn’t enough for everyone that had signed up.”

Unfortunately, the older basketball grades continue to drop in participation but Mabilia admitted that is the theme in all sports at the moment.

“My kids play a lot of sport and I’ve noticed that drop off in the older age group.”

“It’s easier to stay at home and sometimes for parents it’s easier just to let them.”

“Hopefully once things get back to normal people start to come back to sport a bit.”

Mabilia and the association thanked Korumburra Recreation Centre manager Adam Smith for doing everything he can to make their return to play as safe and smooth as possible for the association.

“He’s been all over all the COVID-19 protocols; he’s great.”