By Sam Watson

ON Wednesday Night, the Leongatha and District Cricket Association held their Annual General Meeting, where they voted in a few changes for the upcoming season.

Firstly, the league will aim for a start on October 9 if state government restrictions permit, if not they will start as soon as possible.

Following the Cricket Victoria model, every team will play each other once in one day matches before two-day matches begin, but that will change if the season doesn’t start until mid-November.

In those one day matches there will be a compulsory close of innings once the team batting second has passed the target score.

There will be no T20 matches in the A Grade home and away fixture, only B and C Grade and the midweek T20 tournament will be zoned into East and West divisions.

Guest players are allowed in the midweek T20 and if they play in the two knockout rounds, they can play finals.

It will now also be compulsory for all games to be scored online through an iPad or tablet.

The home team will score online, and the away team uses a physical scorebook.

Also at the meeting, everyone on the league board was re-elected unopposed.

With the inclusion of Nyora and the updated division structure, many people around the league are excited for the upcoming season, including LDCA president John Schelling.

“Everyone’s looking forward to it, we’re all looking forward to some sort of normality,” Schelling said.
“We just want to get back to what everyone loves doing and that’s playing a bit of sport together and having a cold drink together afterwards.”

“It’ll be a great thing for everyone’s mental health once we get going.”