By Sam Watson

THE Leongatha and District Cricket Association has updated some major junior rules and restructured the divisions ahead of the 2021/22 season.

Instead of under 16s, 14s and 12s as it currently is, the league is changing the junior divisions to under 17s, under 15s and 12 and under.

In the under 17s, batsmen can face a maximum of 60 balls or make a score of 80 before they must retire.

And in the under 15s, the youngsters can bat for up to 40 balls or 50 runs.

In the past, there has been no limit on the amount of balls kids can face within the innings, instead capping the under 16s’ individual scores at 70 and the under 14s at 50.

The league hopes the new rule will encourage the young guns to play a few more strokes and a more attacking brand of cricket.