GIPPSLAND Southern Health Service (GSHS) is helping residents to feel more comfortable about receiving COVID-19 vaccines as local vaccination numbers grow and hesitancy eases.
GSHS deputy director of nursing Kirsten Amos said most people getting vaccinated at the Leongatha Community Clinic were comfortable with the process, and those who may be nervous were being supported throughout it.
With no reactions requiring hospitalisation in the region, Mrs Amos said most people were keen to get vaccinated and understood the risks were very low.
“Most people are completely comfortable with it,” she said.
“They see it is the way we are going.”
Mrs Amos said there was still strong demand for vaccinations.
“We don’t want people to be pressured; we want informed consent and people to be comfortable receiving it,” she said.
“There are a few that need a discussion first, but we have our COVID coordinator and senior nurse immunisers available to provide the latest information and have conversations to try to put people’s minds at ease.”
Mrs Amos added there had been no reports of local people having major reactions to either vaccine.
The Leongatha Community Clinic has delivered more than 700 doses of AstraZeneca and more than 4000 doses of Pfizer.
The clinic currently delivers 540 vaccines a week, with a mixture of Pfizer and AstraZeneca appointments.
GSHS will also have more local appointments available, after the state government issued a directive to stop Melburnians travelling to regional areas for vaccinations.
GSHS chief executive Mark Johnson said the vaccines were proving to be safe and effective locally and around the world.
“The vaccine process in Leongatha is going very well and we encourage everyone to book in as soon as possible,” Mr Johnson said.
“My whole family has been vaccinated with AstraZeneca, including my two daughters who didn’t want to wait for Pfizer, and they’ve had no problems at all.
“I’ve not heard of anyone in the Gippsland region having any serious problems so people can be confident that the vaccines are safe and that every dose gets us closer to getting the freedoms we want.”
Visit or call 1800 675 398 to book.