Seth Van Deelen celebrated 100 days of school in this impressive outfit.

IT WAS all excitement and celebrations at Wonthaggi North Primary School on Friday, August 20, as the preps enjoyed their 100th day of school.

The day was highly anticipated with the students counting their days at school since the beginning of the year and, after a few date changes, they finally got their chance to celebrate.

Students marked this occasion by dressing up as if they were 100-year-olds.

An investigation into the number 100 was the theme of the day. The students were greeted at the school gate with a special banner they had decorated in the days leading up to the event. It was a wonderful opportunity for special photographs to be taken and other students and teachers from the school community celebrated and cheered for the students as they arrived.

As students were settling into their classroom for the morning, the chime rang through to signal a special announcement from acting principal Kathy Jones.

The preps brought along collections of 100 items, including stickers, pasta, bark and Skittles.

During the day, students decorated their own special biscuits, featuring the number 100, made crowns, a special badge and threaded 100 Fruit Loops into a necklace. They painted 100 dots in their gumball machines and played ‘100-year-old games’ with their big buddies.

At the end of the day, the celebrations were still going strong. The big buddies accompanied their tired 100-year-old buddies to the gate and gave them a loud three cheers followed by lots of noise from their party whistles as a special send-off.

It’s a huge achievement to reach 100 days of school and the whole school community celebrated this important milestone with them.

100 themed interview

Seth: I wish I had 100 dollars of paper money because I could share it with people.

George: I am glad I do not have 100 toilets because it would make your house smell.

Tristan: I could carry 100 muffins but not 100 computers.

Daisy: I could eat 100 lollies but not 100 pieces of broccoli.

Makai: I would collect 100 Godzilla’s but not 100 heavy things.

Riley: When I am 106 years old I will mow lawns.