The empty pellet at Aldi in Wonthaggi which was cleared of E-bikes during Saturday’s ‘Special Buys’ scramble, in a matter of minutes.


You cannot leave your home other than for one of the five following reasons, right, including “shopping for necessary goods and services”.

Other permitted purposes include “caregiving or compassionate reasons including medical care or to get a COVID-19 test, authorised work or permitted education and exercise, once a day for 2 hours.

So why was everyone waiting outside Aldi, before doors opened today, Saturday, September 4, at 8.30am waiting for the “Special Buys”?

A Wonthaggi local, turning up for his weekly grocery shopping run, took the attached photo.

Maybe it was the Folding E-bike at the attractive purchase price of $599 which took their fancy. That’s exercise, right?

There was other bike equipment too like a bike tool kit for $49.99, a set of LED lights for $19.99 (can’t have too many of them), and a new helmet for $19.99.

Or you could buy a whole road bike for $49.99… no wait, it’s just the two-bike rack for that price, phew, read the small print, “bikes not included”. Hard to see even Aldi producing a line of new road bikes for under $50.

And there was a whole array of 4WD stuff from driving lights to 20-litre jerrycans.

So, why was there a line up at local Aldi stores this morning and is it strictly legal?

Yes, it was mostly the E-bikes, with a whole pellet cleared in a matter of minutes at Aldi Wonthaggi as crowds of people swarmed in.

The 4WD stuff was popular too… mostly all gone well before 9am, but still with 100s instore doing their weekly shopping.

The prized ‘Special Buy’ at Aldi this Saturday morning was this E-bike but is it strictly “necessary goods” under the state’s COVID-safe rules?