RFCS Gippsland is our local service helping farmers become more resilient, profitable and sustainable.

Funded by the state and federal governments, they provide free professional assistance and support to primary producers and rural businesses navigate through difficult times or make plans to improve their financial future.

For more than 35 years, they have assisted dairy farmers throughout Gippsland with a team of local, experienced finance and agribusiness specialists. A previous dairy client described their experience: “Everything is hard about being a dairy farmer. If we didn’t make that call to the RFC, I don’t think we would be here.”

“They have helped us with documentation, be a listening ear and even our mental health. It’s been very beneficial having a local person support us. We can finally do more with our household budget. Don’t hesitate… make the phone call – you won’t look back.”

RFCS Gippsland not only find ways to free up cash and negotiate with lenders to achieve manageable debt repayments; as well as help access income and other financial or industry support when times are tough, they can analyse all available options to make informed business decisions, assist with managing farm business risks, and ensure the affordability of farm improvement plans.

With a clear action plan, they continue to provide support (for up to three years) to help you reach your goals.

It’s not bad management that puts dairy farmers at financial risk, but the large variety of external factors you can’t control, including changes in climate and milk prices.

So don’t feel embarrassed about using the services of RFCS – it’s actually just good business sense. Make time for a chat. You have nothing to lose and more to gain. Call 1300 045 747. To hear how the RFCS has helped dairy and other farmers, and how the service can benefit you, visit youtube.com and search RFCS Gippsland.