I moved to South Gippsland seven years ago to transition to full-time farming. I have found this to be one of the best decisions of my life as it provides a better work-life balance.

I never saw myself being compelled to stand for council, however when the last council by-laws review was so out of touch with our rural shire that it was shelved, this was the first driver.

The second driver has been the push for seats at the table by political parties who have no clear policy at local government levels.

I recognise South Gippsland is a very broad shire geographically and in the make-up of its population. I believe our council should first focus on the four Rs that local government manages: roads, recreation, rubbish and rates with no outside interference or party agendas.

I have a strong desire to see a council well run with a high satisfaction approval from ratepayers, who then in turn will see the value in their investment.

Scott Rae, Foster North.