To date, not one candidate for the council election has made a commitment to drastically overhaul this bloated bureaucracy and establish a culture of real community service at a cost which represents value for money.

I see slogans, wishful thinking and warm-and-fuzzy pep talk – and no substance.

Many candidates are trying to get a council seat to advance their ideological cause and use “climate change emergency” and “renewable energy” and more meaningless, subjective buzzwords.

I have some advice for those influence peddlers. Our council is for all community members, paid for by ratepayers and to infiltrate that for political and personal ideology is unacceptable, divisive, and must not be tolerated.

And you may step carefully because a Monitor will have both hands on your throat to ensure the bureaucracy works for “them” instead of “us”.

My council rates just went up by 8 per cent. Disgusting?

Here is a list of current power generated by coal-fired power stations in some parts of the world. The list is not exhaustive: EU 468 (27 under construction)=495; Turkey 56+93=149; South Africa 79+24=103; India 459+446=905; South Korea 58+26=84; Japan 90+45=135; China 2393+1171=3534; Australia 6=6.

My questions for those wanting to get their hands on ratepayers’ hard-earned money to finance your lifestyle are as follows:

What is your required, measurable outcome if you are elected to council with the purpose to spend ratepayer’s money achieving exactly what evidence-based outcomes?

Will you travel to India, at your own cost, and visit those in extremely poor villages and slums, and explain to them they cannot have access to electricity and thus continue their dung and wood fires with suffocating smoke and horrendous burns to their children? And continue to pollute the atmosphere hundreds of times more than if they had access to cheap coal-fired power?

I have been in those places, and I don’t fancy your chances of coming out of there alive if you went there and spruiked your nonsense.

Gus Blaauw, Venus Bay.