The boxes are 2.4m long, 2.2m high and 1.5m wide.

MOBILE storage takes the problem out of getting your goods to the storage garage – the storage garage comes to you!

Allen Riseley recently founded Southern Mobile Storage after seeing metropolitan-based mobile storage companies in Melbourne over the years.

“When a couple of friends and colleagues let me know that they could not obtain a local storage garage, I started planning to set up my own mobile storage business,” he said.

“I bring the box to you on a tandem trailer, usually unhook it in your driveway in the morning for you to pack during the day.

“You padlock it up and then I collect it at day’s end. Your storage box is then unloaded at a secure and vermin proof facility.

“If you are a long way from our base, it may be better if I assist with loading, especially if your goods are ready to go in the garage or on the veranda. If this takes under an hour, there is no extra cost involved.”

The boxes are 2.4m long, 2.2m high and 1.5m wide, giving you 8sqm of space.

The smallest storage garages are 10sqm.

Prices are very competitive with regular storage garages and discounts applied for a second and third box.

“I am also exploring the idea of offering packing boxes, felt and other furniture removal sundries.”

Putting items in storage takes the pressure off when moving house or downsizing.

The units are great to clear some furniture for a renovation or store your teenager’s gear for a while until they sort accommodation at university.

“The box I have in service at present is being hired to a couple selling their house – relieving the clutter to make their house look better for sale.”

Maybe a storage garage is not for you because you don’t have a ute, time-poor or due to health concerns.

“Your goods are accessible while in storage, but if you need regular access to your goods, I would suggest that a storage garage may suit your requirements better.”

Give Allen a call on 0418 180 599 to discuss your storage and transport requirements.