I had intended to write this last week, but have only just stopped laughing enough to type, what a joke.

I came to live in this area nearly 29 years ago, and it soon became very clear there was no cat control in the area.

I’ve always been a keen gardener and hate cats, particularly when I have doors sprayed and garden beds crapped in by one of these ferals.

I recently phoned council for a trap and was told they are in high demand, and they would let me know when one was available – that was well over a month ago.

So, when I read the article about a draft plan, which again will possibly be implemented from July 1, 2023, how excited I became.

So excited I can tell you any cat that visits my property won’t be going home, I want something done now, I think 28-plus years is long enough for a ratepayers’ money to be put to use!

I should say I was told when I first arrived here that the cat curfew was being looked at!

Barb Wellstead, Corinella.