Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia have all seen their share of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine fall well below their share of the Australian population.

Victoria has missed out on 343,000 doses in September alone, and this state of affairs is planned to continue according to federal government forecasts.

The Victorian Health Minister, Martin Foley, said it was “disappointing that the Commonwealth appears to be pushing a national plan to vaccinate NSW at the expense of all other Australians”.

A progress chart showing expected dates to reach vaccination targets, published by the ABC, shows that NSW is expected to achieve 80 per cent population vaccinated by November 15, whereas Victoria will not reach 80 per cent vaccination until December 5.

Scott Morrison’s government failed to secure vaccines when they were first made available by Pfizer. They were offered access to Pfizer’s vaccine on June 30, 2020, but they did not enter into a contract until the following November. They didn’t see the need for haste as it was not a race.

Victorian citizens must now pay for Morrison’s and Hunt’s tardy response to Pfizer, but NSW continues to get a premium service from the Morrison Government to make up for the failure of the NSW government to control the latest COVID outbreak in that state.

I am sure that Russell Broadbent, our federal Member for Monash, continues to give Scott Morrison his undying support. How many Victorians will die as a result of this vaccination lottery while Russell Broadbent continues to sit on his hands? Why don’t you share your concerns with Russell with a short note to his inbox?

Ted Minty, North Wonthaggi.